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Growth and Safety
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Anna's Alcove is here to help you heal your trauma, whether that presents as PTSD, anxiety, depression, dissociation, or any of the persistent difficulties that may show up after living through one or more experiences that compromise your basic sense of safety. You deserve peace and joy, and we can help you find it!


This is a time for us to build insight and understanding about what causes you distress so that we can develop a clear path forward. This may feel like an opportunity to just tell your story, it may feel like an interview about your story, and I may use any number of standardized assessment tools to help us both understand what you're experiencing.


Once we've gotten a feel for your needs and goals, we'll collaborate to identify the individual therapy approaches that feel most productive for you. I use a phased approach to support clients in achieving post-traumatic growth. The initial focus is on establishing and connecting with safety in the present. Once your whole self feels secure enough that you are safe in the present, we will begin processing any past experiences that need attention to make today as great as it can be, and to make your future even better.


Human beings are social animals, and we heal when we're able to connect with others. I offer a variety of different group experiences, all based on the underlying principle that in order to feel truly safe, we need to feel connected. Many of my clients are surprised and amazed by the depth of healing they experience in group. You may be eligible to participate in some group experiences without participating in a lengthy assessment or individual therapy services.

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On Solid Ground Counseling Group

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