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What to Expect

Our work together will begin with a thorough assessment, covering current strengths, needs, and resources, as well as biopsychosocial history. You will be getting to know me as I get to know you. We can take as much or as little time with assessment as feels right for you. After the assessment phase, we'll work together to identify your treatment goals and treatment plan. For most people, weekly therapy provides the best results. The length of treatment will be dependent on your presenting needs and personal goals. If at any point either of us feels that I'm not being helpful, I'll work with you to find a therapist who is a better fit.

In Session


This is a time for us to build insight and understanding about what causes you distress so that we can develop a clear path forward. This may feel like an opportunity to just tell your story, it may feel like an interview about your story, and I may use any number of standardized assessment tools to help us both understand what you're experiencing. 

Individual Therapy

Once we've gotten a feel for your needs and goals, we'll collaborate to identify the techniques that feel most productive for you. Click on the 'My Approach' link above to learn more about how we might proceed. We may incorporate people close to you along the way, but our focus will be on you and your personal journey.

Group Counseling

Human beings are social animals, and we heal when we're able to connect with others. I offer a variety of different group experiences, all based on the underlying principle that in order to feel truly safe, we need to feel connected. A lot of people are turned off by the idea of group counseling for a variety of reasons, but I rarely come across a person who isn't glad once they've done it.

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